Artificial Grass


A natural pairing you might think and rightly so. Artificial Grass, Composite Decking and Garden Rooms work very closely together. We also have a natural partner with Wirral Flagging. We all recommend one another and believe each aspect compliments one another.

If you would like to check out our partners websites please click Artificial Grass UK or Wirral Flagging

Please just mention we recommended them to you and you will receive a better deal..

Would you like to know the procedure of fitting composite decking as oppose to timber traditional decking?

Well in all honestly it is exactly the same. If anyone tells you otherwise do not hire them. It is all down to the raw materials. The frame is exactly the same, tantalised/ people call it tanalised timber frame, but it is basically heat treated timber. Then you treat the composite deking virtually the same, apart from starting clips and fixing clips in between the gaps, The composite boards cost trade approximately £20 each and timber around £8 each circa 2021 in the UK.

Unfortunately that is why we charge so much more for the composite decking, depending on wastage due to full boards or not you are looking at £135 per sq metre to £115 per sq metre on timber.

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