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Composite Decking & Garden Rooms

If you are looking for composite wood, composite decking, or composite garden rooms you have certainly come to the right website.

Composite Garden Room
Composite Garden Room

We have a proven track record utilising composite wood in many forms including composite decking, composite fencing and composite garden rooms.

Many of the advantages for composite wood are quite obvious i.e.

Main Advantages of Composite Wood over Traditional Wooden Decking.

  1. Minimal Maintenance.
  2. Non Slip. Anyone who has had a traditional wooden deck area will realise that they are an absolute hazard in the winter months. Everyone I know has fallen at some point on traditional decking.
  3. Splinter free and great for kids.
  4. Available in many colours, and never needs painting.
  5. 25 year or life time warranty.  Or we could say durability.
  6. Cost. This may surprise some people, however although initially  more expensive, if you weigh up the maintenance and time spent looking after your traditional decking the composite decking comes out on top and works out incredibly less expensive in the long term.
  7. High Impact Resistance and better scratch resistance than normal wood.
  8. Our composite wood is also mould and algae resistant.
  9. UV proof. As all our composite products are the same colour all the way through. Which means they will never fade.
  10. Our composite wooden products also now come in a natural wood effect, which is difficult to differentiate from traditional wooden products.

    Composite Wooden Decking in Traditional Wooden Style.

    composite decking traditional wood style
    composite decking in traditional wood style

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